Saturday, November 5, 2005

The Mirror Door

Pete Townshend has posted the eighth installment of his novella The Boy Who Heard Music. Rachel Fuller, Pete's girlfriend and musician/songwriter in her own right, has posted an MP3 of a song called "I Can Fly", which she says was inspired by Pete's story, in an entry on her blog. Some of the lyrics were used by Pete in "The Mirror Door."

    Brian in Atlanta has posted his "Cliff Notes" to The Mirror Door

    UPDATE: All the chapters and many of the comments from Pete Townshend's The Boy Who Heard Music blog have been removed from the blogspot site and archived at his main website:


    ginab said...

    Hi John,

    I think you need permission to link to Pete's chapters. (I'm gritting my teeth.)

    Really, I'd like your opinion on Tommy D and his blogsite. I read it over--about a quarter way down, all of the text is written--rather in code--to Pete. Some of it's disturbing. He mentions "Lil'Pete with l'il Lennon" or some such. He goes on to talk about Psycho, the movie. Anyway, I flagged the site. Don't tell him. The more of us to do this . . . but what else can we do?

    Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

    Well, Pete knows I've been posting the links, he commented on one of the earlier posts: I Heard Voices.

    I haven't been to Tommy's blog in a while, but I'll take a look. I have to say, I generally skip over his comments at Pete's blog.

    ginab said...

    Cool! WoW! Fed. Generous.

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