Friday, January 12, 2007


While I'm home I've been taking the opportunity to look through some of my Mom and Dad's old photos (and some of my own that are still here) and found a few gems.

The first is a souvenir from my very short lived basketball career:
The next is a photo of my then-best friend Shawn and I (and Shawn's little sister, Rachel) at our high school graduation in June 1991:
And finally a fairly embarrassing picture of myself from the fall of 1996. I'd just finished by time in the Army and had not shaved or trimmed my beard for about 6 months:


Dak-Ind said...

three pictures = three comments

1) HAHAHAHAHA.. choke gasp... Heheheheheh haha

2) What the hell was i thinking dating Shawn? glad that only lasted a few weeks!

3) Thats, um, well, Johnny Cash meets the Let it be era Paul McCartney!

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