Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It Has HOW MANY Strings?!?

Another instrument to add to my ever growing wish-list (in case anyone out there is keeping track and/or wealthy and generous!). I found this on Kanile'a Ukulele's website. It is called a Tiple:
(Click Image for Larger Version)

The website describes it thusly:
"The original Tiple (pronounced Teeh-pley) meaning treble in Spanish, were small guitars and like the 'ukulele they were favored by sailors because of their portable size. Martin Guitar Co. in the early 1920s, started to produce what would be considered the modern day Tiple (pronounced "tipple"). At the height of the 'ukulele craze, Martin changed the tuning to match the ukulele and in the mid 1920s they added the Tiple to their catalogue..."
The tiple is strung similar to a mandolin, 8-string ukulele or 12-string guitar, which all have each string strung in pairs or "courses." The difference here is that two of the courses on the tiple are tripled instead of doubled! More from the website:

The string combination of a Tiple is:
Double A 1st course at the same octave (440Hz),
Triple E 2nd course at the high/low/high octave (329.6Hz/164.8Hz/329.6Hz),
Triple C 3rd course with a high/low/high octave (261.6Hz/130.8Hz/261.6Hz),
Double G 4th course with a high/low octave (392Hz/196Hz)
I'm not sure how easy it'd be to play those triple courses, but I bet I'd have a hell of a time learning how!


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