Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Arabic Zionist Apparel

Thanks, as always, to JewSchool's mobius for pointing this one out:

Arabic Zionist Apparel

The genesis of these designs started on the campus of Wayne State University. Talking with Jewish students who attend WSU, I discovered that identifiably Jewish students on that campus, for example those who wear a Kippah, a Chai or Star of David, all know the Arabic word for Jew, al Yahud. Wayne State, located in Detroit, Michigan, not far from Dearborn, has one of the largest Arab and Muslim student populations of any American college campus and it seems that Arab students like to mutter "al Yahud" at Jewish students as they pass by. Of course, the Jewish students are proud to be Jewish and resent being targets of the word "Jew" being used as a slur. The aggressive attitude of Arabs, Muslims and others who support the 'Palestinian' cause, have made American campuses a hostile environment for Jewish students and other supporters of Israel.

Abrahamic Apparel is intended to provide some chizuk, support for those students and other Jews and supporters of Israel and allow them to show their Jewish pride and support for Israel in a language that literally the mutterers will understand.

Arabic slogans include:

The Arabic version of "Am Yisroel Chai" or "The Jewish Nation Lives"
"Ma Fish Falastin" - There Is No Palestine
"Dhimmi? Not Any More!"
Israel Defense Force
"Moshe Emmet V'Torahto Emmet" Moses Is True & His Torah Is True
"There Is No God But Adonai And Moses Is His Messenger"

And my personal favorite:
Don't Mess With Texas
"Don't Mess with Texas"


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