Saturday, February 3, 2007

Two Years Already?

I feel kind of bad that I had to be reminded that today is the anniversary of another death.

I posted this two years ago & I'm not sure I could say any better today:

Three Strikes
For Michael Thomas Cunningham, 1967-2005
by John W. Leys

When you took ill
I prayed for you.
Every day I prayed.
Three times a day:
Morning, noon and night
I begged for God’s mercy;
Begged for a miracle

But the time for prayer is passed
Mourning is now here.
Enriched by your memory,
Wounded by your absence.
Nothing will bring you back,
Your miracles are spent.

The path you walk
I will one day follow,
But you can never follow it
Back to me.


Dak-Ind said...

i did not realize either that two years had already passed. Mike will be remembered forever by those who knew him.

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