Monday, January 29, 2007

Song Lyrics of the Day

For some strange reason these lyrics have been on my mind (and on my playlist rotation) lately. I'd love to say it doesn't mean anything, but if it didn't would I be posting this now?

"Raise your hand if you had only three channels on TV
And that little town that kept ya down is
where ya wanna be...
I'm one of you, yea I'm one of you..."

"I know I don't get there often enough
But God knows I surely try
It's a magic kind of medicine
That no doctor could prescribe...

But there's this one particular harbour
So far but yet so near
Where I see the days as they fade away
And finally disappear...

Lakes below the mountains
Flow into the sea
Like oils applied to canvas
They permeate through me

And there's that one particular harbour
Sheltered from the wind
Where the children play on the shore each day
And all are safe within

Most mysterious calling harbour
So far but yet so near
I can see the day when my hair's full gray
And I finally disappear..."

- Jimmy Buffett, One Particular Harbour

"Well things were spinnin' round me
And all my thoughts were cloudy
And I had begun to doubt all the things that were me
Been in so many places
You know I've run so many races
And looked into the empty faces of the people of the night
And something is just not right, 'cause I know

That I gotta get out of here
I'm so alone
Don't you know that I gotta get out of here
'Cause New York's not my home..."

- Jim Croce, New York's Not My Home


The background image on this page is a Hebrew translation of the verse from Bob Dylan's song  It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), from which the title of this blog is taken. Translation courtesy of Yoram Aharon of Hod-HaSharon's page--found via YudelLine-- which has many Dylan lyrics in Hebrew.