Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Endless Wire

This week The Who (or what's left of 'em) released thier first studio album in 24 years. As a longtime fan I was very excited about this release, which I honestly never thought I'd live to see. I was not disapointed. This is a great album. It contains some great Townshend compositions and great musical performances. Given the reduced number of original Who members, one could make the argument that this more closely resembles a Pete Townshend solo project with guest vocals by Roger Daltrey, but whatever description you choose, its a great album.

There are sure to be the whiney, bitchy naysayers who claim that it "doesn't sound like the 'old Who.'" To them I give this quote from Pete himself:

"This is not the old Who, we never said it would be. It is something else."

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