Monday, June 12, 2006

Who's Playing Uke Now?

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry, the surviving half of The Who, are gearing up for a new world tour and the release of thier first album of new material since 1982's Its Hard. In his on-line diary Pete has mentioned plans he and Rog have for fitting in some Who rarities into the shows as a treat for the die hard fans. One of the possibilities may be of particular interest to Uke-loving Who fans:

"For the real fanatics (and bootleggers) out there, Roger and I both put together lists of songs we really want to play at some point during the tour this coming year. We have been inspired by the Stones to do this - though we are trying to shorten out marathon show at the same time, so it's hard to find a spot in the show to fit them in...

I will publish a list of so-called "Who Rarities" that we hope to introduce one by one on the American tour later this year. This has some really fun stuff on it including our first Mini-Opera, and stuff like Roger's song HERE FOR MORE and BLUE, RED and GREY performed by me on a ukelele." (Emphasis Mine - JWL)

Who fans will know that "Blue Red and Grey" is from The Who's 1975 Who By Numbers album. So far as I know its never been played live by the band, though Pete did recently play it during an episode of Rachel Fuller's "In the Attic" web-show.

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