Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pete!

Happy 61st Birthday to Pete Townshend!

In honor of Pete's birthday I'm posting two Pete/Who themed wallpapers I created for myself a while ago. Enjoy!
Click for Full Sized Images
The Who

Pete Townshend


elena said...

Hey, I love them, thanks for sharing!!!


Erica said...

Oh wow, how cool! Pete ... *sigh* I've been celebrating his birthday in one way or another since 1988. I should psot the photo of he and I together sometime.

Robin said...

Awesome! I wonder what he's been up to since all that mess a few years back. I've always been a big Who Fan. I am visiting here from who promoted your site!

Eliyahu ben Avraham vaSarah said...

The biggest thing he's been working on lately was his novella "The Boy WHo Heard Music," which he posted serially to a blog last winter (Its archived here: ). SOme of the music he worked up in connection with that story is being used on a new Who album due out this fall. They're releasing an EP to coincide with thier summer tour & then the full album later on (from what I understand anyway). so he's been a busy beaver lately :)

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