Monday, January 23, 2006

Why is President Bush So Awesome?


The Thinking Southerner said...

That was pretty funny.

jim said...

did you ever hear the one about the rich texas politician who had some sons, one of which was retarded?

well, the rich man did not want his retarded son to know that he was retarded so the rich man hired many of his 'friends' to keep an eye on the boy as he grew up and as the boy got jobs, they helped screen him from the public, they also helped him do the job, of course, what are hired friends for, anyway?

years went by and the boy wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps and be a politician, so the rich man arranged to have his paid friends get the boy elected. he became the governor of a large state that the rich man had in his back pocket.

so the hired friends took care of the boy and the 'retarded boy' 'ran' the state as governor, and was so incredibly successful (ha ha ha), that he decided he should be president of the whole country, (fortunately for the rich man, the whole country had recently become 'his' to give).

so the rich man hired yet more paid friends and got the retarded boy elected and so he got to sit in the big seat, and man, is he having fun!!!

but then..... G-d took over......

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