Saturday, January 7, 2006

An Answer to Job

Pete Townshend has posted the seventeenth installment of his novella The Boy Who Heard Music. The title appears to be taken from the title of the book by CG Jung, who Pete incorrectly identifies as being Jewish. Pete has also mixed the near sacrifice of Isaac by his father, Abraham, in Genesis 22 with the suffering of Job. Neither of these errors, however, detract greatly from the facinating tale he is weaving.

UPDATE: In answer to some of the comments on the handling of the Job story in The Boy Who Heard Music, Pete has posted the following in the comments section of Chapter 17:

The Job story - as received by Josh - is based on the response to it by a friend of mine who was so shaken by reading it that during 1993 he wandered New York begging, and reading from it to passers-by. Later, a friend of mine gave me Jung's book An Answer to Job to help explain things.

UPDATE: All the chapters and many of the comments from Pete Townshend's The Boy Who Heard Music blog have been removed from the blogspot site and archived at his main website:


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