Monday, October 10, 2005

No Joy in Mudville (or the Bronx)

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Well, the Yankees are officially out of the play-offs. Congratulations to the Angels and their fans. They put up a hell of a fight and deserved the win. I won't say I'm not disappointed that we lost tonight, but I am honestly happy that we made it to the play-offs at all this year. Half-way through the season I was beginning to doubt we'd see any play-off action this year. The guys did a great job bouncing back to snag the Division Title at the last possible moment.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Yankees in the off-season now. Earlier this year Joe Torre said he would have things to say after the season was over and I have the sinking feeling he may have finally had enough of Steinbrenner's BS. Joe almost retired a year or so ago and I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to do so now. If The Boss knows what's good for him he's do whatever it takes to hold on to Joe and Brian Cashman, both of which did a hell of a job holding the team together through a very rough season. I hope he also takes notice of how underwhelming his high priced players were this year and how good a job the economy classed players and rookies (Chacon, Cano, Small, Lieber, Crosby, et al.) have done this year.

Sadly, this may have been Bernie Williams' last game in a Yankees uniform. Hopefully the team (I'm looking at you George) will treat this 15 year Yankee veteran with the respect he deserves.

See y'all in Spring Training!

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