Monday, October 17, 2005

I Could Fly

Pete Townshend has posted the fifth installment of his novella The Boy Who Heard Music. The narrator of the piece is Ray High, the burned out rock star from Pete's Psychoderelict album/radio play. The main characters are Gabriel (the boy of the title), Josh (a Jewish boy who heard voices) and Leila (a Muslim girl who could fly).

UPDATE: Brian in Atlanta has posted his "Cliff Notes" for I Could Fly.

UPDATE: All the chapters and many of the comments from Pete Townshend's The Boy Who Heard Music blog have been removed from the blogspot site and archived at his main website:


ginab said...

Thank you for saying hello to me. Your response to my constructive feedback on TBWHM was generous. I'm saving my comments, and so I am beginning to see a thread as a reader.

I hope just to be helpful tho I cannot help myself from bringing techniques that I have used and learned in writing workshops over the years. We all bring something of ourselves to our strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is generous on the site, too.

Thank you.

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