Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jung's First Dream

In the comments section of my last post Sue mentioned C. G. Jung's memoir Memories, Dreams and Reflections, which is a facinating book. I thought I'd share a poem that I wrote while reading the early chapters of that book. Not one of my particular favorites, but it has some nice bits in there.

Jung’s First Dream
by John W. Leys

In the green meadow
Behind the old vicarage
A hole thrust through the earth,
A sparkling spiral staircase
Descending into the pit;
A subterranean labyrinth
Spreading into infinity
Beneath the sleepy village above.
Beyond the green curtains
Stands the throne
Of the one eyed god.
"That", says mother,
"is the man eater."
- 25 April 1999


Stacey said...

Super poem! Dreams fascinate me, so you couldn't have picked a better topic for a poem!

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