Tuesday, February 22, 2005

אורי און, the Jewish Superman

A while back I posted about the Jewish SuperHero Corps and a couple of Marvel and DC Comics's Israeli superheroes. I recently ran across another Israeli superhero: אורי און, the protaginist of the first Israeli comic book. Created by Michael Netzer, Jonathan Deutsch, and Yossi Halper in 1987 אורי און is essentially an Israeli version of Superman.


Anonymous said...

well just to put things in order:
the first israeli published superhero book was "Sabraman" by Uri Fink at the end of the 70'.
Uri-On is the first israeli superhero comic book to be published in full colors.
for many years it was also considered the longest israeli superhero comic book run but lately (two years ago) Ofer Zanzuri's Adirey Hatchelet took his place having 6 parts rather than Uri-On's 4 parts and two 4 pages specials in a youth magazine.

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