Saturday, October 2, 2004

More Biased Reporting From the St. Pete Times

From Primer:

How the St. Petersburg Times whitewashes Palestinian acts of Terrorism

1. By failing to identify the Palestinians as the perpetrators!

There are two completely different acts of violence in the Middle East. Palestinian acts of terrorism and Israeli retaliation in an attempt to protect its citizens. When dealing with Israeli military attacks, Israel is always identified by name, while the Palestinian perpetrators of violence are rarely identified as Palestinians (as in the above headline of September 30, 2004). "Israelis Kill" Palestinians, but it is "Bomb Blasts" and "Explosions" that kill Israelis. If they were consistent and not, in our opinion biased, the above headline would read "Palestinian rocket kills two Israeli children." This would suggest a far different "Palestinian".

2. Labeling terrorists who target innocent civilians as militants.

The St. Petersburg Times and the wire services it uses label perpetrators of attacks on innocent civilians as assailants, bombers, fighters, guerillas, militants, radicals and rebels. Despite a past editorial, the St. Petersburg Times continues to avoid calling such killers "terrorists". In our opinion, newspapers who avoid calling terrorists "terrorists" are guilty of political bias. What does it mean when a newspaper refuses to call a thing what it is? What they are doing is perverting the news to promote their own bias: it is okay to target innocent civilians in Israel.

In the above article, the perpetrators of the rocket attack are called "militants" instead of terrorists on two separate occasions.

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