Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hanukkah Care Packages for Jewish GIs

From Jews in Green:

With the assistance of members of TheBrave listserv, Jews in Green will be sending a number of Channukah care packages to service members deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

While this is mostly a local effort here in Pensacola, we would be glad to take donations from donors outside the local area. If you are interested in sending packages yourself, we’d be happy to let you know the mailing addresses of where items are needed.

For more information, please email Shannon or myself .

The deadline for money donations is October 23rd. You can mail a check or send payment via PayPal.

The deadline for us to receive packages or individual items is October 28th.

For a list of needed items, read the full story.

Recommended package contents are:

  • DVDs: Most troops have access to DVD players and the latest DVDs are highly desired!
  • Snack Foods: nuts, corn nuts, chips in hard containers, candy protein bars coffee pot type flavored coffees powdered drink mixes powdered vitamin drinks.
  • Other odds & ends:

    • Phone cards of 60 mins or more
    • Neosporin athelete’s foot/anti-itch creme
    • Brush-Ups (for teeth cleaning when water isn’t available)
    • Lip balm
    • Deet

*Please take care to insure that all foods are kosher with hechsher (kosher certification) printed on the item so that those troops who maintain kashrut will not be left out.

**You can also include cards and anything else you think might be fun to receive!


The care packages will be sent to Jewish service men and women who act as Jewish lay leaders and points of contact. This will allow for the contents to be distributed among Jewish service members in their area. If there is someone in particular that you want a package to go to, let us know.

Yasher Koach!


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