Thursday, October 21, 2004

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Last nights game was quite possibly the worst collapse in New York Yankee history. The Red Sox put up a hell of a fight and deserve to go to the World Series, thier first since losing to the Mets in 1986. Is this disapointing for Yankee fans? Absolutely. Is the end of the world? Absolutely not. Yankee fans have become spoiled sine the current dynasty established itself in 1996. I think many of us forgot how hard is was to be a Yankee fan during the dry years of the 1980s. Sure, we had good player, like Donny Baseball, but we never made it to the big show. I would have to agree with TvEric at the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog who feels that this will strengthen the Boston/NY rivalry while changing its dynamics. Without heartbreaking losses, the miracle wins don't feel quite as sweet. Just ask the Red Sox.

Besides, this season is over. Its time to get ready for Spring Training 2005!
Go Yankees!


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