Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What Do You Call God?

There is a servey located at the JTS Distance Learning Project in which you can indicate which of the many listed names of God you feel most comfortable with, and which ones you don't feel comfortable with. I found this to be a very interesting excercise as it really makes you consider how you view God. The current results of the servey are:

Top Ten (votes +)Least Favorite Five (votes -)
Creator of Heaven and Earth קונה שמים וארץ ‎(3313)
Adonai (My Lord) אדוני ‎(3133)
Absolute Rest ‎(3041)
Ancient God ותיק אלוהי קדם ‎(3021)
Father of Mercy אב הרחמים ‎(2974)
Everlasting God א-ל עולם ‎(2967)
Everlasting King מלך עולם ‎(2948)
Everlasting Rock צור עולמים ‎(2944)
Acquirer of All קונה הכל ‎(2922)
Everlasting Arms זרועות עולם ‎(2849)
El, The God of the Myriads of Israel א-ל' אלפי ישראל ‎(374)
Lord, Man of War ה' איש מלחמה ‎(337)
Acquirer of All קונה הכל ‎(289)
The Fear of Isaac פחד יצחק ‎(275)
Eternal One of Israel נצח ישראל ‎(257)
Fulfillment of All Valid Ideals ‎(234)
Hosts צבאות ‎(226)
Reviver of the Dead מחיה המתים ‎(213)
The Lord Who Hides His Face ‎(209)
Came Into Being ‎(206)

To participate in the servey, visit this page.


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