Sunday, September 5, 2004

GOP and the Jews?

This was just posted over at JewSchool by mobius. Not much I can really add to it. I think he hits it pretty much on the head with this one:

Reuters reports,
Speakers at this week's Republican convention make their remarks at a wooden podium that some Jewish groups find offensive because its decorative panels appear to form the shape of a Christian cross.

A cross is even more visible in a waist-high gavel stand adjacent to the podium, leading some to question whether the party is trying to send a subtle message to its base among conservative Christians.
Meh. Same old shit. Don't forget, the GOP also declared Texas a Christian state back in June. Lest we also forget, of course, "The Jesus Landing Pad." Not that I'm looking to bash American Christian conservatives generally, but, frankly, I don't think Jews are really welcome in the GOP—just their votes and their dollars. At the end of the day, their motivations are laid bare: They just want us all to move to Israel so Jesus can come back and kill us.

I mean, really, we've only been allowed in their country clubs for how long now? Hell, we're still not welcome in some of the most prominent communities, where GOP membership tends to thrive among the wealthy WASPy elite. But hey, Bush is The Best Friend Israel Ever Had™ right? And that's all that matters, right, even if we are being used?

But, oh the irony of seeing Esther Jungreis preach from a Christian pulpit... I can hardly contain my amusement.


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