Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bush Can't Tell Terrorists Apart

From The New York Times:

President Bush might have been able to say it was simply a slip of the tongue when he confused two terrorists in a campaign speech Monday in New Hampshire. Trouble is, he's made the same misstatement at least 10 times before.

During remarks in Derry, N.H., Bush said the late terrorist Abu Nidal killed Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American who died after being tossed -- along with his wheelchair -- off a hijacked cruise liner named Achille Lauro in 1985.

``Do you remember Abu Nidal?'' Bush asked the crowd. ``He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer. Leon Klinghoffer was murdered because of his religion. Abu Nidal was in Baghdad, as was his organization.''

He repeated the mistake Monday evening at a campaign event in New York City: ``Abu Nidal was a cold-blooded terrorist killer who killed Leon Klinghoffer.''

Actually, it was Abul Abbas, the leader of a violent Palestinian group, who killed Klinghoffer... Bush's mistake, overlooked for weeks, is buried in his stump speech -- in the section where he makes a case that Saddam Hussein had links to terrorist groups. Indeed, Abu Nidal is believed to have had connections to the former Iraqi leader. But he didn't kill Klinghoffer.

Which should give provide pleanty of fodder for the antisemites who already blame everything on the Jews...


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