Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Isrealites were Muslim Arabs?

According to IMRA (Indipendant Media Review Analysis), via Jim Davila's, the Palestinian Authority has recently produced an "educational" programme that further reinforces thier repaeted denials concerning the Jewish People's historic claim to the land of Israel:

On an educational program on PA TV, two senior Palestinian Authority [PA] historians went to great lengths to deny ancient Jewish history and erase the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. At the same time they describe an ancient Palestinian - Arab history, creating a historical connection to the land that never existed.

Two central components of this Palestinian myth consist of turning Biblical Israel into Muslim- Arabs, while teaching that the Palestinians are the descendents of the Biblical Canaanites, who are also turned into Arabs. With both the Canaanites and Israelites becoming Arabs and the religion of ancient Israel becoming Islam, the PA takes authentic Jewish history, documented by thousands of years of continuous literature, and crosses out the word "Jewish" and replaced it with the word "Arab".

This creative historical revisionism is not new in the PA. Denying the thousands of years of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, coupled with the invention of "Palestinian" history of thousands of years, have always been of supreme importance to the Palestinian Authority... incessant denial of Israel's history and right to exist, and the invention of a PA history have been backbones of PA indoctrination and education for years.

In the broadcast last week on PA TV the following are some of the main
points of the"history".

1. The Hebrews of the Bible have no connection to the Jews today.
2. The Hebrews of the Bible were Arabs.
3. The Prophets of the Bible were Muslims.
4. Biblical King Solomon was a Muslim Prophet.
5. Solomon's Temple was not built by Israelites but by Arab Canaanites.
6. The Canaanites are the forefathers of the Palestinians
7. The Bible is legends based on what Jews imagined and not on history.
8. The Jews today are descendents of a 13 th Century Khazar tribe with
no history in the Land of Israel.
9. The location of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a Zionist invention.
10. Zionism is Racism.
Translated transcripts of a portion of the programme are included with the IMRA article, including these gems:
Moderator: "Where did the story of Solomon’s Temple come from?"

Al-Qidwa: "Solomon’s Temple, I believe, was built by the Canaanites who were the neighbors of the Israelis, the Israelites... I want to state several words clearly: the Bible became an archival document, not representing what the Israelis and the first Jews were, but what they thought they were, what they imagined. The Temple is the fruit of their imagination. In any case, when our nation or our Canaanite forefathers came to Palestine, they built the Temple a temple in Jerusalem."
Viewer calls studio: "We say that when the Israelites... migrated to America. But the World Zionist Movement and the Free Masons drove them, while distorting the Bible and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the newly prepared Bible, drove them to come here [Israel] these [the Jews] are the foreign invaders that will pass as the others passed, Allah willing."

Al-Qidwa: "Allah willing."

"Allah willing."

Albaz: "Allah willing."

Caller continues:
"And Palestine will be for them a cemetery, Allah willing..."
There is more, unfortunately. I encourage you to read it.

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