Monday, July 12, 2004

You Shouldn't Say Things You Don't want Quoted on T-Shirts...

Its seems a small cottage industry has sprung up around Dick Cheney's potty mouth. Over at CafePress there is now a whole slew of shops specializing in merchandise inspired by Cheney's recent use of the F-Bomb. Below are a few of the shops I found with a simple search at the CafePress homepage with a few of thier wares:

"Go fuck yourself" - Vice President, Dick CheneyT-Shirt

Go Fuck Yourself Dick Cheney, Vice Presidenthat

Dick Cheney Here For (F-ing) America All The Timet-shirt

The Go F Yourself - Dick Cheney Collection

Fuck Yourself Dick Cheneyshirt

What Would Dick Cheney Say? Bumper Sticker Shop



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