Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Hunting of the President

The Hunting of the President:
The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill Clinton
A Documentary Based on the NY Times Best Seller by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason

The Hunting of the President

There can be no doubt that we live in one of the most tumultuous political climates of the nation's history, a climate where politicians can be toppled on a whim, election results disputed in the country's highest courts, and governors unceremoniously recalled. It's enough to leave even the most cynical voter asking, how did this happen?
Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry's incendiary documentary, based on the best-selling book by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason, offers a glimpse at the genesis of these partisan vendettas and explores the myths and truths behind the nearly 10-year campaign to
systematically destroy the political legacy of the Clintons.

Using previously unreleased materials, interviews, and shocking revelations from both sides of the beltway, this probing work focuses on the smear campaign against Clinton from his gubernatorial days in Arkansas leading up to and
including his impeachment trial. Kenneth Starr fans, beware.

Less of an advocacy film and more of an alarming treatise on the political power of the media and personal interests, The Hunting of the President offers us a gallery of defeated politicians, disappointed office seekers, right-wing pamphleteers, wealthy eccentrics, zany
private detectives, religious
fanatics, and die-hard segregationists, all chiming in discord from the tops of their soapboxes.

Richardson and Joseph Beyer -- Sundance, 2004

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