Monday, June 21, 2004

Harry Potter is Jewish

Harry Potter is Jewish by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz:

No, sorry to say, the character of Harry Potter is not Jewish. I think the books are quite clear on that, what with Christmas being a major plot point what seems like every six weeks. But I think the theme of the Harry Potter series is quite Jewish.

Some religious people of different faiths, including Judaism and Christianity, have opposed the Harry Potter series. (I wouldn�t be surprised to find that Moslems, Hindus and others have objected, as well.) After all, it does appear to glorify a lifestyle quite at odds with the one they espouse. But I think they�re missing the point. Harry Potter doesn�t advocate witchcraft as a lifestyle choice any more than the Terminator movies advocate the killer android from the future lifestyle. Harry Potter is about a boy who just happens to be a wizard.

Personally, I think the Harry Potter story may be a perfect metaphor for what many Jewish teens encounter in their quest for religious growth. You see, Hogwarts isn�t a school of wizardry. It�s a yeshiva. It�s Yarchei Kallah. It�s a Shabbaton. It�s wherever you want to go to grow in Torah observance and get closer to G-d... [Read the full article from]


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