Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Jewish Google-Bomb

Mobius over at :: jewschool :: has brought to my attention the latest 'Google-Bomb' incident--the most famous, and my personal favorite, being the "miserable failure" bomb. For those that don't know a "Google-bomb" is "A technique through which a group of bloggers working together can make a webpage come up when someone searches Google for certain keywords."

In this instance it appears that if you Google the word "Jew" the top result is a disgusting antisemitic hate site. This was discovered by a writer at j. magazine, who brought it to the attention of Google, who doesn't seem to give a crap.

mobius has an inventive pro-active solution:
I'd like to propose a j-blogger Google bombing campaign, to push Jew
Watch, as well as the other questionable high-ranking sites which
appear in the search results for "Jew" (such as a Jews for Jesus
ministry and Henry Ford's antisemitic tractate The International Jew), down in their Google rankings, replacing them with sites that, well... Jews can feel a bit more comfortable with.

I'm going to suggest using Wikipedia's entry for Jew
as the initial (and official) link for this campaign, as it's the most
inclusive, non-denominational, and democratic source on the subject.
However, if you'd like to recommend additional links, please make sure
to spread 'em around, so that we can get the critical mass going that's
necessary to pull this off.

Wanna participate? Just drop <a
href="" target="_new">Jew</a>
into your next blog post, or put it anywhere on your website. Be sure
to spread this around to your mailing lists and your friends on IM too,
so that we may actively engage in defining ourselves, as opposed to
allowing others (with vicious intentions) to do so for us.

Bombs Away!!


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