Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Religious vs Civil Marriage

According to this report "President" Bush is endorsing a Constitutional Amendment that will ban same sex marriages. As a religious Jew I recognise that same sex marriages are forbidden by the Torah and strongly oppose any Rabbi that would preform such a ceremony, just as I would oppose any Rabbi who preformed an interfaith marriage, which is also forbidden by the Torah. But I don't like the idea of the Government making such destinctions concerning civil marriages. There is supposed to be a separation between Church and State in this country and I feel that those supporting this ammendment are doing so because of religious and not civil reasons. It seems to me that they have no more buisness telling homosexuals that they can't get married than they do telling Jews and Gentiles not to intermarry.


The background image on this page is a Hebrew translation of the verse from Bob Dylan's song  It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), from which the title of this blog is taken. Translation courtesy of Yoram Aharon of Hod-HaSharon's page--found via YudelLine-- which has many Dylan lyrics in Hebrew.