Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Jewish Rapper: 50 Shekel!

You have to love this. A Jewish rapper named '50 Shekel.'

"Aviad Cohen, the 28-year-old Israeli-American mastermind behind 50 Shekel, never intended to be a role model, despite his early attraction to entertainers with a positive message. Instead, he says, his act grew out of a deep love for Judaism's long tradition of keeping history alive. Rap, he says, is 'a great storytelling medium.'
'I will not stop doing this. I will keep doing this forever or until G-d decides that I should take a hiatus—a Hebrew hiatus as I call it. I am of service to G-d. I’m always going to be me and part of being me is being a Jew. So instead of changing everything and hiding from being a Jew, I decided to completely do the opposite, embrace it and not just embrace it, but speak out for our culture. It’s about celebrating the culture and celebrating the Jew life. I’m Jewing my best to make a difference, one rhyme at a time.'

You can read the entire BeliefNet article at:
50 Shekel, Heeb-Hop, Jewish rapper, music, Jewish youth
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