Saturday, February 7, 2004

Anti-Defamation League playing into Gibson's hands?

I ran across this article by way of the Protocols blog, who prefaced it with the comment:
And here is some critism of the ADL by Forward columnist, David Klinghoffer (The question is, why did he put this in the Seattle Times and not the ForwardÂ…):

Apparently Klinghoffer's theory is that the ADL is only making matters worse by drawing attention to Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" and that if they'd just left him and his film alone nobody would have wanted to see it in the first place. While its true that contraversy does increase ticket sales--Last Temptation of Christ is but one example--I cannot see how remaining silent in the face of possible antisemitism is an intelligent game plan.

The Seattle Times: Anti-Defamation League plays into Gibson's hands


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