Monday, February 23, 2004 and Gibson's Passion has a couple good articles in regards to Mel Gibson's soon to be released "Passion of the Christ." The first, Mel Gibson and the Jews by Rabbi Benjamin Blech offers a good summary and explanation of why many Jews are nervous about this film. To me the best portion of this piece is:

"Those who wonder whether Gibson hates Jews simply don't get it. It doesn't matter. Take Gibson at his word, if you want to, and accept his profession of friendship. He may like us. But that isn't the issue. What matters is what the film is going to accomplish. Simply put, I am told it is almost impossible to walk out of the theater without hating the villains -- and the villains are clearly identified as Jews."

The full article can be read Here. also has a concise history of Christian Passion Plays and their relationship to Christian Jew-Hatred:The_Passion_A_Historical_Perspective


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