Monday, January 26, 2004

Missing the Point

I find it frustrating that many defenders of Gibson's movie are using defenses similar to the one from This article on

I had not noticed anything of concern regarding the portrayal of Jews in the film--certainly nothing unusual about the role of the Jewish leadership in Jesus’ death. It was consistent with the biblical accounts and in keeping with other Jesus movies and the hundreds of thousands of Passion Plays that are produced worldwide every Easter season.

The point is that the NT Biblical accounts--or portions there of at any rate--are antisemetic, or at least have fueled antisemetism for 2000+ years. The Jews are blamed for a Roman-style execution and are portrayed as accepting the blame for his death for themselves and thier descendants (Matthew 27:25). And, while I hope thier modern counterparts are less inflamatory, Easter Passion Plays have historically flamed antisemetism for several centuries. Take a look at the ADL's article on Passion Plays in History and Theology . And Passion Plays need not be antisemitic as the 2000 Oberammergau Passion Play proves.

Again I would refer you to the Moment Magazine Article on the Antisemitism of the Xian NT.


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