Monday, January 26, 2004

John Dominic Crossan on pre-screening Mel Gibson's 'The Passion'

A very interesting article from by New Testament Scholar John Dominic Crossan. Apparently Gibson made viewers of a pre-screening of "The Passion of the Christ" sign a confidentiality statement. This is standard in some pre-screenings to keep movie plots and such a secret (As Crossan points out in the article, its seems odd in this instance as the plot isn't exactly a secret). However, this statement implies that pastors are allowed to discuss the film but only if they are supporting the film. Apparently if you don't like the movie you're not supposed to comment. Seems to be a sly bit of marketing censorship on Gibson's part and very un-Jesus-like. Crossan also has an issue with the sub-heading Gibson has given the film: "Dying was his reason for living."

Crossan is a Professor of Religious Studies at DePaul University & the author of several books on the historical Jesus and early Xianity.

John Dominic Crossan on pre-screening Mel Gibson's 'The Passion'


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