Saturday, January 24, 2004

Jewish Leaders Slam Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Film

Yahoo! News - Jewish Leaders Slam Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Film

If these reports are accurate--and I see no reason why they shouldn't be--then Gibson's movie is definitely antisemetic, wether he sees it as such or not. I am especially troubled by Rabbi Hier's report on how Gibson portrays the non-Christian Jews in the film:

"I can tell you this is a terrible film, a terrible portrayal of Jews and will cause tremendous harm and be a delight to all the enemies of the Jewish people. The film makes the Jews look as bad as possible. The Jews are not only contrasted badly against the new Jews, the Christians, but the against the Roman hierarchy which with the exception of the four whippers of Christ appear as pleasing, thoughtful and sensitive... I was embarrassed by their evil look. Their sinister faces. They all look like dark-eyed Rasputins and their faces are in stark contrast to the wonderful expressions on the faces of the Jewish Christians."

Defenders of this film keep falling back on it being an accurate adaption of the Gospels. They fail to recognise that much in the Gospels, especially John's Gospel, is anti-Jewish and hate-filled. In Oct 01 Moment Magazine ran an enlightening article on just that subject.

After two of its representatives attended a screening of the film, the ADL released a statement restating thier concerns over the film. Unfortunately, at this point I think we're all being written off as silly paranoid Jews. I only wish that were true.


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